NYCRAMA Getting Ready for The New AMA

NYCRAMA Getting Ready for The New AMA

In May 2016, the American Marketing Association (AMA) underwent a major transformation. The organization unveiled its new global brand identity and logo.

New Logo, Colors, and Tagline

As marketers, we know the choice to rebrand is not to be taken lightly. Rebranding involves a change in positioning, messaging, corporate image, and visual elements. AMA’s new branding places emphasis on its community of marketing and sales professionals. The new brand tagline is “Answers in Action.” Instead of an empty tagline, muted colors, and a dull logo mark, the organization now has a logo that is simple, inspiring, and recognizable. AMA is focused on meaningful trends, answers, and actions toward positive change in business for the marketing professional.


AMA CEO shaking things up

Russ Klein, CEO of the AMA, has demonstrated an ability to shake things up by transforming the organization into a resource of trusted knowledge in marketing practices worldwide.

How did Klein, a respected marketing leader with over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, transform AMA into a growing force? Klein uses bold, creative approaches that attract the modern marketer and marketing academic.

AMA establishes itself as early leader

AMA was AMA established in 1937 after merging the American Marketing Society (AMS) and the National Association of Teachers of Advertising (NATA) organizations. The year of 1937 was a year of hope and hopelessness for many experiencing the Great Depression. However, it was also a year of completion… the Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) and the Golden Gate Bridge (SF) were opened to traffic, both making an important contribution to the infrastructure and economy, which still rings true today, especially for the American Marketing Association.

AMA’s first major charge came in 1938 when was it asked by the Census Bureau to bring together the definitions of marketing that were used at government agencies. The work done with the Census Bureau was an early sign that AMA would establish itself as a national leader.

Today, AMA has a network of 30,000+ members in 118 countries, over 70 professional chapters throughout North America, and over 350 collegiate chapters. These numbers show growth and an importance of expansion.

Now, all professional and collegiate chapters will play an active role in AMA’s growth, new transformation, and its rebranding. The New York Capital Region AMA (NYCRAMA) is in full support of these goals, as well as adopting the new brand identity.

What does this mean for me?

Expect to see visible changes when you engage with NYCRAMA. Whether it’s on our website, on social media, in NYCRAMA email communications, or at our events, you will see us take on AMA’s new primary color palette of French navy blue, black, and bone white. To go a step further, we make a new commitment to embrace the concept of answers, actions, and bringing positive change to Capital District marketers.


Get prepared for a new year—a new season of events and opportunities where you can learn, connect with members, share your knowledge, and participate in advancing marketing as a vital practice in business. It's also the year we bring back our well-attended awards event (formerly known as Mark of Excellence). NYCRAMA partners with Public Relations Society of America-Capital Region (PRSA) for the 2016 MARCOM Awards, which will be held on November 16, 2016. Stay tuned for details.

Now is an exciting time to join the New York Capital Region AMA (NYCRAMA). Find out how to Join NYCRAMA and get involved.

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