B2B Reach Through Social Media: Who’s Really Listening and What are They Listening to?

B2B Reach Through Social Media

B2B Reach Through Social Media: Who’s Really Listening and What are They Listening to?

Teal Vivacqua

Teal Vivacqua

Special guest post by: Teal Vivacqua

Social media has become a mainstream communication tool for the world—entering personal and professional landscapes in unforeseen ways. In 2016, more than 2.2 billion people used social media1. The days of social media only being found on college campuses seems light-years behind us, as public identities like the President of the United States, the Pope, and Mark Zuckerberg market to the world in as little as 140 characters.

Recent studies have shown that global organizations are using social media as its top content marketing tactic1. A synergy has been detected specifically regarding B2B social media use—where businesses are communicating to share a specific brand, and specific value proposition, market a specific good or service with a very specific audience.

But, is that message really being heard? In a world where anyone can say anything, and levels of credibility can be pushed aside, what is the real return on investment for B2B companies through social media? To top that off, enter—the buzz of “fake news." Fake news is deliberately published propaganda and disinformation as real news—often using social media while seeking to mislead readers for financial, political, or other gain. It can be questioned: Does this concept translate to the business community?

You are invited to participate in the research of this topic through a short survey. The intent of this survey is to measure the level of social media use within B2B marketing digital strategies, and if specific campaigns are able to be successfully delivered in this 2-way communication dynamic. The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B2BSocialSuccess, ending March 20, 2017.

Your participation in this reach-focused survey is appreciated, and will build to the best-practices we all follow as industry-leading marketers. Thank you for contributing.

* This research is being done as part of the University at Albany Executive MBA program, and with the cooperation and assistance of the New York Capital Region American Marketing Association. Survey results are being analyzed by Teal Vivacqua. All responses are voluntary.

Teal Vivacqua can be reached at tv391661@albany.edu with any questions.

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