What’s the Best Way for B2B Marketers to Use Social Media?

What’s the Best Way for B2B Marketers to Use Social Media?

New research from Teal Vivacqua

Social media is increasingly important for B2B marketers. Each segment (government, employees, investors and media) can be addressed on social media. Of course, each segment has vulnerabilities that can be exploited, too.

Teal Vivacqua recently completed a study on B2B Marketing, by surveying AMA New York Capital Region members. Her study, “B2B Reach Through Social Media: Who’s Listening and What Do They Really Hear?” revealed that LinkedIn is the network of choice for B2B marketers with nearly 46% reporting that it is preferred method for reaching target audiences. Facebook is a close second, with nearly 30% of respondents saying that this is an important platform for them.

The survey also showed that respondents who use social media are experiencing a number of pressure points:

  • Pressure Point #1: 75% of B2B Marketers aren’t confident they will reach their specific audience.
  • Pressure Point #2: 56% of organizations do not know what they want as a result of social media.
  • Pressure Point #3: B2B organizations rarely can calculate the revenue impact accountable to social media.

In her study, Vivacqua outlines the issues and the best practices meant to combat those issues. Her research uncovers many great solutions for marketers to overcome these barriers to success.

“To be effective in this landscape, B2B marketers must again realize the importance in a strategy to ensure a methodical approach is taken when examining data and employing predictive behaviors long term,” writes Vivacqua. “Understanding who and where customers are is no different from traditional marketing – but using predictive analytics to be proactive and deliver targeted campaigns requires a strategic approach.”

She concludes, “A business must not make the mistake of simply jumping into social media without a strategic plan. The fact remains, the innovation of social media is forever evolving as a real business impactor.”

Molly Belmont is AMA New York Capital Region's VP of News. She is a marketing professional with over 10 years experience in writing, editing, public relations, project management, community outreach and business development. Find out more about Molly on LinkedIn.

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