AMA Breakfast Brief: “The Revenge of Analog: Why Print Marketing Still Matters”

Chris Harrold shows the impact of typography on different pamphlet types.

AMA Breakfast Brief: “The Revenge of Analog: Why Print Marketing Still Matters”

Paper is ubiquitous…it holds our morning coffee, keeps our deliveries intact, and, saturated with ink, paper tells stories in words and pictures. Paper is where design leaps off the screen and into your hands.  Print on paper is unique and differentiated. It activates the senses, it is three-dimensional and tactile. It says to the receiver that the sender cares. It makes communication glorious and high impact.

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, this was the message given to an enthralled audience by Chris Harrold from Mohawk Fine Paper, as they were treated to a masterclass in print marketing. Part of the popular AMA Breakfast Brief series at Pioneer Bank, Chris presented a talk titled, “The Revenge of Analog: Why Print Marketing Still Matters”, as the penultimate talk of 2018. Borrowing the title from a bestselling  book “The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter”, by David Sax.  He went on to explain how printed communication is being discovered by a new generation of communicators and why Mohawk is bullish on the future of paper.  

Chris Harrold is SVP Marketing & Creative Director at Mohawk Fine Papers in Cohoes, NY. In this role, he has responsibility for brand management, strategic market development and creative direction for the company’s product and marketing campaigns. Chris joined Mohawk in 1990, holding several positions from sales to marketing and played a pivotal role establishing Mohawk as a market leader in digital printing. Chris is a author and speaks extensively on the role printing and paper play in design today. He holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from SUNY Oswego and an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology College. He lives in beautiful Troy, NY.

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