AMA Member Profiles: Shawn Lockwood of Modern Press

Shawn Lockwood in a flamingo shirt

AMA Member Profiles: Shawn Lockwood of Modern Press

AMA: Who are you and what do you do?

I am a graphic designer at Modern Press. I design marketing collateral for a variety of printing needs that our customers have; anything from business cards to annual reports. In my spare time, I create content for a social media influencer/gamer by the name of Ashek.

AMA: What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I never know what to expect. Any day I can have a company that I’ve never heard of bring in a design problem I’ve never solved. There are a lot of exciting opportunities to get creative.

AMA: Why is being up-to-date with the latest marketing thinking so important in your current position?

I’m not only expected to make a beautiful layout, but I’m often asked to create the copy, develop the marketing strategies, and advise clients on additional marketing opportunities. I’m sure anybody in a creative field can relate. Clients prefer using one source for a variety of needs. At Modern Press, we try to make that possible.

AMA: What was the best piece of business advice that anyone ever gave you?

A hunter’s arrow that’s shot without aim will certainly hit something. It just won’t be something he wants. Always have goals that you’re trying to hit.

AMA: How long have you been a member and why did you join the American Marketing Association?

 I was invited to a breakfast brief about online video in May, 2018. I got so much out of the event, I joined later that month.

 AMA: How do you feel that membership will benefit you personally and professionally?

 It’s a great community of like-minded creators, and the events are a unique resource. I find a lot of inspiration not only from the events, but the other members I meet. Everybody seems to really have a passion for what they do.

AMA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years in terms of your marketing career?

That’s a difficult question to answer. 5 years ago, I was finishing up my BFA and thinking I’d want a career focusing on illustration and branding. I’m currently developing a passion for data and analytics, and that’s what I’m setting goals around. One of my favorite things about this industry is that there is always another unique thing to learn; another passion to have. In 5 years, I’ll probably be learning about something I’ve currently never heard of.

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