The top 5 things I learned from the American Marketing Association’s Leadership Summit

The top 5 things I learned from the American Marketing Association’s Leadership Summit

For those of you who don’t know the American Marketing Association (AMA) is an organization that welcomes anyone with a love for marketing from all over North America, from any organization, and skill level. They connect you to a world of resources and you can usually find a local chapter near you.

This past week was the AMA Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL. This was my first time attending as a board member for the NY Capital Region Chapter of the AMA. I will be taking over as the EVP of Communications for the Chapter starting in June and this was a perfect way to kick things off. I put together a list of the top 5 things I learned in these sessions.

1.     Tracking Leads: As marketers, we cannot control new clients or sales. We can only help with leads. Whom we work for, depending if it is a professional service firm or a retailer, it is up to them to make the sale or close the lead. How is this measured? Everyone should have a CRM of some kind to measure these results. Remember, it is your job as a marketer to help create the leads NOT the sale.

2.     Video: Video is Powerful! 45% of people watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos in a week, and video traffic will make up more than 80% of consumer internet traffic in just four years. If you are late to the game…your competitors will thank you. Be the trailblazer! Don’t let the idea of video production overwhelm you.

3.     LinkedIn: OK – if you are an LI nerd like I am you are really going to geek out over this one! If you open the LI app on your phone when you are around a lot of people (i.e. a networking event, conference, or meeting) you would select my network and click on find nearby and everyone else on the app at the same time will show up. We all did it in the room at the same time and BOOM! I had 25 new connections. This awesome new tool has built my marketing network and knowledge resources by that much more. I am happy to connect with others in the same space anytime!

4.     Leadership: It takes two people to come together for an interaction and takes both minds to come together to make a transformation. A leader needs to honor that most people resist change. Really effective leaders are trying to find what your strengths are to grow. One of my favorite things to do is always write a handwritten thank you note. I always keep blank note cards on hand!

5.     Content: Create evergreen content that is lasting and can be used for many things. Evergreen content would be content that is always relevant such as, instructional blogs, tips, and even video! The topics that you choose should be relevant to your business. Try to include some SEO techniques when writing your evergreen content.

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Ali Anechiarico is a Marketing Executive for the Law Firm of Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C. (HRFM), based in Albany, NY.  HRFM specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) and is the largest IP firm in Upstate NY. Ali is also a member of the AMA Board of Directors for the NY Capital Region.  She can be reached at 518-867-3229 or

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