Get Involved

The NY Capital Region Chapter of the American Marketing Association is looking for people to “Get Involved” and help us grow, educate and connect!


This is a great opportunity to:

  • Expand your marketing network
  • Gain opportunities
  • Improve marketing education in the Capital Region
  • Demonstrate your creativity
  • Bring your ideas to life


For more information or to get involved, please email to with your name, telephone number, email address and a position that interests you.

I love the connections I made on the AMA board! I found friends, professional guidance, and MOST important, a great job opportunity!

Alicia Deering, Informz

Programming Committee


» Speaker Coordinators

Do you have a contact list that makes your colleagues swoon with envy? Love to network and meet new people? Join the programming committee as speaker coordinator. You’ll help coordinate presentations and logistics with our featured speakers. And with your networking prowess, you’ll be an active contributor when it comes to suggesting and connecting with future potential speakers. The estimated hours required to complete these tasks is 1-2 hours/month.


» Arrangements Coordinator

The Arrangements Coordinator works to ensure smooth flow of registration, processes payments, and greets event attendees. The estimated hours required to complete these tasks is 4 hours per month.

Annual Awards Event


» Event Chair or Co-chair

Do you love planning events? Do you love seeing a huge group of people having a ball at the event you helped plan? Join our annual awards event committee, the Mark of Excellence awards, as the chair or co-chair. You’ll help plan the event from beginning planning stages, to the end, standing by the stage presenting awards. You will coordinate with the committee, stick to the timeline already laid out, reach out to finalists, secure sponsors and help with event logistics. The estimated hours required to complete these tasks is 5-10 hours/month. Event is always held in October, so planning is from Feb or March until wrap-up in Oct or Nov.

Membership Committee


» Group Membership Coordinator

Reach out to larger companies to offer them the group membership packages. Help facilitate the process with national. This position requires approximately 2 hours per month and reports to the VP of Membership.


» Ambassadors

AMA Ambassadors act as hosts for events; greet members and non-members; fields inquiries. This position reports to the VP of Membership and takes approximately 2 hours per month.


» Renewing Member Coordinator

The Renewing Member Coordinator engages with members, inviting individuals to attend future events; welcomes them at events; promotes AMA membership during events. This role requires approximately 5 hours per month and reports to the VP of Membership.


» Collegiate Outreach

Work with Capital Region universities’ AMA student groups. Reach out to schools and provide benefits to the student members i.e. mentoring, sponsoring, speakers. This position requires 3 hours per month and reports to the VP of Collegiate Relations.

Sponsorship Committee

Do you love helping businesses increase their exposure? Join the sponsorship committee. Evaluates existing sponsorship agreements; extends reach to prospective sponsors; ensures sponsors receive ample recognition and thank-you notes; collaborates with MOE sponsors and co-chairs. This position requires an estimated 5 hours per month and reports to the VP of Sponsorships.

Communications Committee


» PR Coordinator

This individual crafts monthly press releases for media outreach; edits promotional content; updates community calendars monthly. This position takes approximately 4 hours per month and reports to VP of Public Relations.


» Copywriter

This individual assist in writing the copy for the newsletters and marketing material used in the chapter for promotion. The Copywriter reports to the VP of Marketing and takes approximately 4 hours per month.


» Designer

This individual assists the chapter in designing email campaigns, post cards, advertisements and flyers to promote NYCRAMA. The Designer reports to the VP of Marketing and takes approximately 5-10 hours per month.

Technology Committee


» Blogger

An AMA Blogger posts marketing insights, meaningful take-aways from NYCRAMA programming and other marketing-related material on our social media channels. This position requires an estimated 2-3 hours per month and reports to VP of Social Media.


» Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator will develop and implement a strategy for Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. Also update the page with pertinent and fun organization information. It requires up to 5 hours a month to complete its tasks and reports to the VP of Social Media.



» Treasurer

Pay invoices; Deposit funds into checking account; Invoice generation and collections; Manage Bank Details and safe deposit box; Track our Investments; Monthly send reports to Secretary before Board meeting; Manage direct mail postage account; and plan quarterly Finance committee meeting. Approximately 5-10 hours per month.


» Secretary

Take minutes at the monthly board meetings; Finalize minutes after President reviews them; Assemble final Flash report and Pre-read packet to distribute to board before board meeting; Upload the Pre-read packet and financials to the International Headquarters website; Reminders of events and board meetings; and Collect the mail from the PO Box twice monthly. Approximately 5 hours per month.